Introducing Rodeo Internet

Our experts created a reliable, affordable, high speed, wireless internet service for the Lewis-Clark Valley, located in a rural area of eastern Washington. Rodeo Internet provides residential, commercial, and non-profit customers with internet, wireless networking, email, and VoIP phone service. Rodeo Internet has proven itself a serious competitor in this market, with customers switching from cable, DSL, and other wireless providers.

Putting It Together

Networking is a core strength of ours. We deploy networks all over the world, in a wide range of environments. This experience, when paired with industry-leading equipment from our partners, allowed us to create Rodeo. We deliver bandwidth to our customers wirelessly from our high speed fiber-optic backbone. We employ state-of-the-art bandwidth management implemented through both software and network configuration to ensure everyone gets the speed they need, all the time.

Administration of the service is accomplished by applying the same processes we've perfected in deploying countless services throughout our history. From new customer sign-ups, to installation, logistics, and billing; it's all handled by JPI's proven custom software solutions and work processes.

Wireless Internet Done Right

Rodeo Interent is a real world example of a wireless internet service done right, and we can do the same for your organization! Contact us today to see how we can develop the perfect solution for you.

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