Tech Support Staff

  • $10-11 / hr
  • Computers & IT
  • Education: Diploma
  • Entry Level (< 2yrs)


We are looking for an individual to join our team at our Technical Assistance Center (TAC). This individual handles customer questions and problems at our Clarkston, WA location for all of our remote locations. Our company deals in global IT strategies, data communications development, and related technologies. We have customers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa at the present time, and have built a reputation for providing quality and dependable services in Information Technologies.

Essential Job Duties

  • The TAC has four main roles:
    • To ensure maximum service availability and performance 24/7
    • To monitor and maintain core infrastructure and services
    • To provide support services for VSAT installers in our remote locations
    • Handle security protocol for our facility
  • Our TAC handles the system administration of our facility including mail, RADIUS, diverse internal web applications, monitoring, backups, server maintenance, activation of new sites, documentation, end user support, and more.
  • The typical TAC shift involves answering customer calls, responding to customer emails, and troubleshooting IT problems. In-between trouble calls, TAC employees work on special technical assignments. These are generally in-line with the worker's technical strengths, and may include research into new platforms, development of new products, or improvements to existing infrastructure.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Superior customer service support ability
  • Solid understanding of TCP/IP and related matters (for example, you should be able to say how many hosts are in a given subnet without resorting to pen and paper)
  • Basic linux administration skills (know how to install a new system, get ssh running, install a web server, etc.)
  • At least a moderate understanding of common computer hardware (can switch out a hard drive, upgrade RAM, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of VOIP, email, DNS, HTTP, and wireless access points

Desirable Job Qualification

  • Ability and willingness to go overseas to do technical projects such as VSAT installations and other support at our remote locations
  • Working knowledge of one or more programming languages
  • Past contributions to OSS projects
  • Experience with any of the following: postfix, dovecot, RADIUS, rsync, QOS, OSPF, mikrotik, cisco, embedded linux appliances, wireless backhaul, Canopy wireless products, and satellite communications.


  • $10-11 / hr starting
  • Potential for raises every quarter and benefits based on performance
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