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Current Events

JPI at InsideNGO

JPI Worldwide's CEO presented his talk on "Free-Easy-MacGyver Goodies" at InsideNGO on July 2014. Filled with with helpful tips on using what is available to you to get the job done on-time and under-budget in areas where resources are scarce and needs are many. A little creative thinking and a versatile set of inexpensive tools can go a long way. We've created an extensive list of free options to help you reach your goals.

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Introducing Rodeo Internet

Our experts created an affordable, high speed, reliable, wireless internet service for the LC Valley, located in a rural area of eastern Washington. Rodeo Internet provides residential, commercial, and non-profit customers with internet, wireless networking, email, and VoIP phone service. Rodeo Internet has proven itself a serious competitor in this market, with customers switching from cable, DSL, and other wireless providers.

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